Prize Bond Draw Schedule 2022 – National Savings

Download National Savings Prize Bond Draw Schedule 2022 with dates and city. National savings of Pakistan each year announce the prize bond schedule for the next complete year in the month of October or November that will cover the next year’s monthly draws. The prize bond schedule is fixed by dates and each prize bond is set four times a year to be in the balloting hence each denomination will come after three months interval. The first month of January has two draws 15000 and 750 prize bonds.

What is Prize Bond Draw Schedule 2022:

It is self-explanatory what is prize bond schedule is. This is a timetable announced by the National savings of Pakistan, then when, where, and of which denominations draw will be held. Then in February two denominations 25,000 and 7,500 are announced in the first week of February and 1500 and 100 prize bonds in the middle of February.  Thus this month has a total of four prize bonds draw. The first week of March has 40,000 and the middle of March will come with the draw of Prize bond 200 and so on for the next months like these three months.  You can download Prize Bond Draw Schedule 2022 hereby online and see when your next draw is coming to change your luck. This prize bond schedule has Prize bond denominations Draw No. Draw Date with Day and the City where the draw will be held.  So check the latest prize bond schedule here.

The full Prize Bond Draw Schedule from January to December 2022 is here with the Prize bond denomination amount, dates, city, Day, and the Draw Numbers. The Draw schedule for 2022 prize bond dates may be subject to change if a Public holiday is seen at the draw date. So you must be aware that when any Public Holiday occurs in Pakistan the  Prize Bond Draw Schedule 2022 List National Saving Prize Bonds will be changed to the next dates.

National saving’s Prize Bond Draw Schedule 2022 (January to December)


Prize Bond Draw Schedule 2022 – National Savings

Denomination Draw # Date Day City
Rs.750/- 89 17 January 2022 Monday Peshawar
Rs.25000/- 05 10 March 2022 Thursday Rawalpindi
Rs.1500/- 89 15 February 2022 Tuesday Muzaffarabad
Rs.100/- 37 15 February 2022 Tuesday Hyderabad
Rs.40000/- 20 10 March 2022 Thursday Quetta
Rs.200/- 89 15 December 2022 Thursday Lahore
Rs.750/- 90 15 April 2022 Friday Karachi
Rs.25000/- 06 12 September 2022 Monday Hyderabad
Rs.1500/- 90 17 May, 2022 Tuesday Rawalpindi
Rs.100/- 38 17 May, 2022 Tuesday Faisalabad
Rs.40000/- 21 10 June, 2022 Friday Muzaffarabad
Rs.200/- 90 15 March, 2022 Tuesday Multan
Rs.750/- 91 15 July, 2022 Friday Lahore
Rs.25000/- 07 12 December, 2022 Monday Faisalabad
Rs.1500/- 91 16 August, 2022 Tuesday Peshawar
Rs.100/- 39 16 August, 2022 Tuesday Muzaffarabad
Rs.40000/- 22 12 September 2022 Monday Karachi
Rs.200/- 91 15 June 2022 Wednesday Hyderabad
Rs.750/- 92 15 October 2022 Saturday Quetta
Rs.25000/- 07 01 November 2022 Tuesday Lahore
Rs.1500/- 92 15 November 2022 Tuesday Karachi
Rs.100/- 40 15 November 2022 Tuesday Rawalpindi
Rs.40000/- 23 12 December 2022 Monday Multan
Rs.200/- 92 15 September 2022 Thursday Faisalabad