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National savings of Pakistan was formally made public by Government Savings Bank Act in 1873. The Great Britain introduced several money collecting Schemes to raise funds for the accomplishment of their expenditure. That time firstly Post Office Cash Certificates were introduced. Then Post Office Defence Savings Certificates were circulate for this purpose. So after the creating of Pakistan these all come under the National savings of Pakistan to collect these funds against these prize bond papers and the money come into business and the part of the revenue distribute in the first second and third prizes to consolidated these prize bond buyers. Such the rest of revenue is added in the state assets.

The businessman and the stackholders love to invest and want the multiplication of their assests. The benifits and risks are all around in the Market so sometime they hesitate and save money banks that is not good for them to make their dreams true. So the wise parties buy the National savings Prize bonds that are the lucky way Multiply their assest in a good way. And the chances are of the making money within this investments are fifty 50 for them! but if the got the first prize the it can be a life chaning step for them. 

Prize Bond Rs.15000 Draw List Result on April 3, 2017 at Lahore

Draw Date April 3, 2017 at Lahore
First Prize 000000
Second Prizes
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Prize Bond Rs.200 Draw List Result on March 15, 2017 at Rawalpindi

Draw Date March 15, 2017 at Rawalpindi
First Prize 499831
Second Prizes 117416, 404794, 419898, 898975, 947555,
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